All of the work I do, whether it is setting up a fine violin, building a custom prop, restoring an antique, or just tinkering around, is linked together by a common thread: tools.  Hand tools, to be more specific.  I have spent a lot of time carefully selecting and collecting the fine tools I use, as to me, they are more than just "tools".  These objects are more than blades, and wood, and brass, and steel; they become an extension of myself when working.  I believe a craftsman or an artist puts a little piece of themself into every thing they do, and tools they choose directly reflect their personality and philosophies.  To me, a quality tool is a workhorse, designed for lifetimes of use, the best it can be, and able to be passed from one craftsman to another.  A quality tool makes the job it is made to do easier, and allows the user to focus less on the effort required in using it and more on the task they are doing.  A quality tool, to me, should also be beautiful, inspiring the artist to create and strive for perfection.

My collection of tools range from antique mid 19th century pieces to modern day state-of-the-art tools designed and crafted with the latest technology.  I do not "collect" to have tools sit on a shelf, and every piece I have is functional, regularly used, and carefully maintained.  I have recieved criticism from some collectors about this philosophy, who (perhaps correctly) point out that some of these tools would "hold ther value" better if not used, or "should really be displayed" rather than put to regular use and risk the appearance of wear and ageing.  To these critics, I can only say that the most superb violins are meant to be played, the most intricate chronographs made to tell time, and the finest tools still made to do their job. 

Some of my tools are photographed and displayed in these galleries, and I hope that they will bring you at least a fraction of the joy and enjoyment that they bring me every day I put them to work.

I do buy, and occasionally sell and trade fine tools when the right piece comes along, feel free to contact me if you have something you think I may be interested in, or to inquire.             

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