Special Projects

Frequently, I do custom work or side projects away from lutherie.  I have had a number of interests and hobbies over the years, and enjoy creative problem solving and challenges to create unique items and restore fine antiques.  The projects on this page are some of the side work I have done in the past, and other hobbies I enjoy.  There have been many, many more, but I did not document much of my earlier work before 2011, or other "quick" endeavors.

My services offered include:
- Restoration and refurbishing of vintage and antique items
- Mechanical restorations of typewriters and other mechanisms
- Recreations of movie props and creating new props for theatre or live action role playing
- Cleaning, wiring, painting, detailing, and DCC instalation for model railroad locomotives
- Steampunk-inspired high-functioning objects
- Custom commissions

Please contact me for additional information, or to discuss a project you have in mind.

Model Railway
Typewriter Keyboard
Uilleann Pipe Chanter Stop Key
Gibson Masonic Gavel
Uilleann Pipe Bellows
Wormwood Limited Bicycle
Diamond Frame   Flying Merkel
Time Pieces
Portable Apothecary
Uilleann Pipe Bass Drone Resonator
Old Steampunk Projects
The Swing Bike
Uilleann Pipe Bass Drone Iris Aperture
Boondock Saints Rosary Necklace
Paddle Strop
Tool Chest Upgrades
Meteorite Soundpost hammer
Metric Register Calipers
HOn3 Articulated Log Cars
Sesquicentennial Square
Herres Masonic Gavel
Vulcan Duplex DCC
John Carpenter 
Masonic Gavel