Here you will find some examples of some of my lutherie work.  This includes instrument repairs, restorations, custom work, and scratch building.  The luthier's work becomes rather philosophical at times, and occasionally it is easy to over think that what may be otherwise rather straight forward.  My approach to the work is to garner as much knowledge as I can about a project or task by research and consultation to form a solid knowledge, to visualize as completely as possible the result I wish to achieve, and to apply a combination of traditional and improvisational craftsmanship in order to realize the job.  I believe that a luthier is both a craftsman and an artist: possesing the ability to work to plan with precise, refined, and repeatable techniques to complete a task, while also able to conceptualize and appreciate beauty, form, and creativity which leads to a personal style and love of asthetic. While there are instances where one aspect may be more utilized than another, a master of his craft holds both in constant balance while performing his work, respecting the past and embracing the future.

My services offered include:
- Repair work, both minor and substantial
- Restoration of vintage and antique instruments
- Varnish touch up, cosmetic restorations, and polishing
- Full set-up work including carving bridges, installing pegs, dressing fingerboards, replacing nuts and saddles, soundposts, and other optimizations to playability and sound
- Custom modifications and personalizing
- Custom comissions
- Appraisals, estimates, and evaluations

Please feel free to contact me for more information, or to discuss an instrument or project.

Last Updated: 1/23/2017
Repair and Restoration Gallery
Kay Tenor Banjo Redux
Chanot Inspired Pin Tailpiece Violin
Vieregge Family Violin
Carbon Fiber Tailpiece/ Shop Mongrel
Violin d'Amore
Custom Ebony Chinrest
Spiral Peg Bushings
Yamaha Electric Violin Nut Replacement
Gibson Banjo Ukulele
Yamaha Electric Violin Tailpiece Replacement
Prucha Banjo 5th String Nut
Reid Violin
Hurdy Gurdy
Set Up