Not only do I enjoy repairing, building, researching, and writing about instruments, but I enjoy playing them as well.  I began studying the viola as a 4th grade student at Jackson Elementary School in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  Excellent instruction and my fascination with making music kept me interested through middle school at Horace Mann Middle School, where I was first introduced to Irish music, and began learning violin and Irish whistle with my private teacher.  During high school at South High, I branched out into the Irish and folk music scene, and added mandolin, tenor banjo, harmonica, accordion, and electric Scottish pipes to my arsenal.  In my freshman year of college, I took delivery of the Irish Uilleann pipes (half set components) I had commissioned over a year earlier, as well as a unique resonator Irish bouzouki.

I maintain a collection of instruments, and while I greatly enjoy collection building, with it comes a personal moral dilema.  I believe that beyond being works of art and craftsmanship, an instrument should be played and not just admired.  To this end, I have primarily kept my collection of "big" instruments to only the things that I will be able to play regularly. 

The galleries below (under construction) provide information and images of some of the instruments of my collection, and I hope to include brief demonstrations of each instrument being played in the near future. 

Violin d'Amore
Resonator Bouzouki
Irish Whistles
Tenor Banjo
Uilleann Pipes
8 String
Tenor Banjo
Electric Scottish Pipes